Flex Seal 
Flex Seal Review
After recently seeing a Flex Seal commercial on TV, I was thoroughly intrigued. I consider myself an amateur handyman and I recognized that this stuff could be a lifesaver. The commercial introduces Flex Seal as a material that is a %u201Cportable, easy to use spray that coats, seals and protects just about everything.%u201D Now, this sounded great to me. With its versatility, it is supposed to be able to be used all around the house for various applications. While the commercial seemed to promise great things, I was more on the skeptical side. The commercial seemed a bit sensational and ended with a screen-door bottomed boat being covered in Flex Seal and taken for a successful test ride. Very interesting%u2026
The Tests
So, being the skeptical handyman that I am, I decided to order some Flex Seal for myself and see if it could live up to the commercial%u2019s claims. While I seemed to have misplaced my screen-door bottomed boat, I wanted to try some of the other examples of how you can use Flex Seal that were shown on the commercial.
The Colander Test
One of the first shots of the commercial shows the spokesman lifting up a colander that has been sprayed with Flex Seal. The water in the colander does what it%u2019s supposed to and doesn%u2019t leak out.
This test was easy enough. I grabbed a metal colander and sprayed one coat on the interior. After letting the stuff dry, I grabbed a glass of water and poured it into the test colander. Lo and behold, no leaks.
The Ceramic Pot
I was curious to see if Flex seal would actually stick to porous materials such as ceramic like it did in the commercial. I have some smaller ceramic pots lying around in my backyard, so I grabbed one and dropped it on the concrete (sometimes testing can be fun). The pot split in two and when I picked it up I realized that it already had a small drainage hole in the bottom. I figured that I would try and close that up too. The Flex Seal actually stuck to the ceramic and I was able to spray the two pieces back together and close up the drainage hole on the bottom. I let the Flex Seal dry overnight, for about 22 hours actually. When I came back for the ceramic pot, it looked as though it was back in one piece and the drainage hole was now closed up. I grabbed the hose and filled it up. Once again, no leaks. This stuff was starting to look pretty good.
Miniature Screen-door Boat Test
Well, I just couldn%u2019t stop thinking about the screen-door boat. After being impressed by the other tests, I thought I would make my own version in order to see if the Flex Seal could actually work. I grabbed an old piece of Tupperware from the kitchen and cut a decent sized hole in the bottom. Then I used some window screen I had left over from redoing the windows last spring and taped it to the Tupperware. I sprayed both sides of the screen with Flex Seal and let my miniature boat dry overnight. Now, I%u2019m not saying I would sit in a full sized boat sealed with the stuff, but I can tell you that my %u201Cscreen-door%u201D Tupperware boat really did float after being sprayed with Flex Seal.
My Thoughts on Flex Seal
Being the skeptic that I am, I was expecting Flex Seal to fall short of its promises. However, as of now, it has served its purpose each time I%u2019ve tried it out. I%u2019ve yet to use it for roof or gutter repairs, but I wouldn%u2019t doubt its performance.
One of the great things about the stuff is that fact that you can keep it in your truck or on the shelf as an easy quick fix. What it does is basically create a rubber seal on just about any surface. While it may not be the prettiest looking fix, the stuff can be painted over to match the surface that you are repairing.
While my handyman services are limited to my own home, I can imagine that a can of the stuff could be very useful to plumbers, maintenance men and real handy men. The ease of being able to grab a can of Flex Seal to give a waterproof seal to just about anything seems like a great thing to have.
The label does warn that Flex Seal shouldn%u2019t be used for everything. Be sure to avoid using it on things you might drink out of, to fix gas tanks, or in high pressure applications like repairing a tire. Getting the spray down just right can be tough at first. You want to make sure and apply it smoothly and evenly or it will turn out like a big messy pile of gunk.
Final Words
I think that this stuff would be really useful to have around the house. It is inexpensive and can be a lifesaver. While it isn%u2019t available in stores, the Flex Seal website is offering a buy one get one free deal, which is well worth it. Keep a can at home and one in your truck. You won%u2019t be left without a solution if you%u2019ve got some Flex Seal on hand.